Alma, the Trigger Arm, is a powerful Mech-ude bonded with Hikaru.

Apearence Edit

He appears to be a mechanical arm attached in the hood of Hikaru. He has an orange eye with a white pupil.

Seal/Cube: Edit

Compresed in the form od.

Personality Edit

He is curious and has a personality similar to a cartoon hero apparently acquired for playing videogames, reading manga and other media. He has a great interest in history.

Relationships Edit

Hikaru: he is extremely confident in Hikaru and tries every time to make him do his best, often waking him up in time and keeping him awake during class.. He imitates Hikaru sometimes, like when he purchases the same soda from a vending machine when Hikaru does and tries to drink it but doesn't actually have a mouth.

Abilities Edit

Autonomy: A difference of other MechaUDE he is not limited for the will of his Host, capable of acting on his own free will.

Great Strength: he easily can charge Hikaru and himself, is capable of self-propulsion and great acrobatics.

Clock Form: he can turn his hand in a two bell alarm clock.

True form: when Hikaru touches the Eye of the clock, Alma grows and cover his right arm/hand.

  • Enanced Host body: when this form is active his host obtains some changes like covering parts of his body with fire and enhanced his physical abilities.
  • Rocket punch: in that form he is captable of bein thrown like a rocket
  • Finishing move: his Hand is shot toward his opponent and when the fist makes contact Hikaru punches the hand from behind making it augment his power and speed greatly

Side Effect: this form exausted both Mecha-ude and Host.

Trivia Edit

  • He likes to play video games like Hikaru, but tends to breaks the controllers.
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