Appearance Edit

Yoh has orange pupils with restful eyes, following with almost fluffy like orange hair and a small strand sticking out from the top. His attire includes a black collared shirt with a red tie, a gray half-buttoned up sweater, beige pants, and whitish sneakers. He carries a small orange bear charm hanging from his right sweater pocket.

Personality Edit

Yoh is shown to be a bit shy and quiet, while also possessing a caring attitude towards his friend to which he constantly worries about. He can be nervous in tense situations as well.

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Relationships Edit

Hikaru: Hikaru is Yoh's friend who he worries over but genuinely cares for him.

Notable Quotes Edit

  • "Amatsuga, Amatsuga... You should wake up soon, the teacher will get mad."

Trivia Edit

  • Yoh makes an appearance in Eve's music video, Anoko Secret.
  • He is voiced by Eve in the Japanese Original Version who sang the opening theme, Ambivalent.

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